King of the jailhouse

Reflections on two weeks in the house.

Generally – loving it.

Mostly pretending I’m back in NZ, with the nice wether helping somewhat.

Things I like about living in the house:

– interior design. Let me elaborate. I despise the IKEA nesting instinct, I despise cushions, I despise Laura Ashley (though perhaps not on a personal level). I despise a culture that buys and builds houses with five bedrooms for a couple with no family, and then expects us to furnish each one to a ludicrously expensive standard, with each room most definitely for show with no thought of simple practicalities.

But all the same I’m loving the interior design. The bile green of the living room walls has a certain je ne sais pas (more of a what the ^&%$?) about it, which is beginning to grow on me. To the point where I’m not sure I’d change it given the choice.

It’s furnished with the best that the second or third hand has to offer. The seats arranged in such a manner to be as conducive to conversation as possible (the irony of the man who lives alone having seating arranged for conversation…) The living room seats 13 comfortably. Nice

The office‘s Mum’s painting (a landscape not a portrait…) graces the fireplace and almost matches. The stains seemed to wash off the walls easy enough. The B&Q lamps for a fiver do the trick nicely.

Aesthetics are important in their own way, it’s the materialism and the lack of thought for practicality that turns me off. I can’t imagine the “scruff is the new style” catching on.

– No TV – now the the major draw back will be the lack of social get togethers to watch footy and rugby matches but I think the lack of a TV is worth it. If it’s not there you can’t turn it on and waste whatever precious seconds may have been allocated to your short and often meaningless life. Also works with point 1) in that seats are always arranged to face the TV and never eachother. Really upsets the “room dynamics”.

– tunes, tunes and more tunes. Nuff said

– the legendary stir frys are back. Chop obscure vegetables, chop meat, add olive oil, balsamic, chillis, soy sauce and stir fry to the max. Add honey and cashew nuts just before the end. Winner.

– rather obsessive and disturbing cleanliness

– proximity to town, the park and the tow path by the river.

– being in a group of 30 houses yet I have not met a single Irish person who lives here. Everyone smiles enthusiastically and says lovely things (I presume) in foreign languages. Feels very international and exotic. For Portadown anyhow.

– the two Portugese kids who don’t know any better and wear Rangers tops everyday

– double bed

– people calling round, or being able to call people to come round. Apart from making me feel loved and popular, it leads to all kinds of wonderful graceful conversations and tete a tetes with your feet up and cuppa in hand.

– battering away at the guitar and singing along to a myriad of depressive dirges of my own composition.


1 Response to “King of the jailhouse”

  1. 1 Skeeno May 23, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Cant wait to see the place man!

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