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Something in my way

“It is by seeing the cross and the community beneath it that me come to believe in GOD.”

The cost of discipleship
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Most (in no way do I qualify that most…) people have a bad view of Christianity because of the Christians. Indeed I often have a bad view of Christians because of the chrisitans. We are indeed a bunch of idiots, making the most horrid misrepresentations of the gospel and the deity we claim allegiance to.

History is littered with evil and injustice done in the name of GOD.

Our major problem in bringing the gospel (and yes this is of course one of many problems, blah, blah etc – I like making bold overstatements, they just read better…) is not GOD but ourselves.

Whenever I have a good old spiritual tete a tete with someone it (almost) always becomes clear to me that I agree with them. That when they say they don’t believe in GOD (or JESUS or Christianity), they really mean they don’t believe in god. And I don’t believe in god either.

god_closer.jpgI find myself in agreement, that I don’t believe in the god they don’t believe in either. Whatever it is the atheist or the agnostic is disbelieving in it tends not to be GOD. It tends to be one of our little pygmy  gods (a Lewisism of course), with long beards and a toga who’s fretfully running around the faring poorly in public debates with Richard Dawkins.

And this is no one’s fault but our own. We have made such a bad show of representing GOD that we somehow lost the capital letters along the way.

It seems true that you cannot see the CHRIST for the Christians.
It is the community that lives beneath the cross that is making such a fire and a noise with our temple worship and our sacrifices and our feast days that the cross gets somewhat obscured with the smoke.

The glory of GOD had to be veiled with cloud from the Israelites so that they would not perish. We seem to be doing that job perfectly well on our own.


March 2008