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The Price of Winter

spiral-clock.jpgCan I declare winter officially over? Marked by the bi-annual excuse for people to turn up late for work – the old clock change. I turned up for night shift with on Saturday with no notion of the clocks changing so it was kind of a pleasant experience to realise I had an hour less work to do. Much better than realising you’re there an hour extra.

It always provides the amusing conundrum of how to time your notes. Given that you make a note after seeing a patient at 0300 and then go back and see him a half hour later at 0230.  At 3am I am easily confused by such.

I think it sneaked up on me cause the weather has been uniformly miserable since some time in late August, and I see little sign of change.

Got home from work on the most glorious day of the year so far and instead of hitting the sack I juiced up on the coffee and sat on the front door step squinting into the sun reading Robinson Crusoe and dreaming I was hunting goats on an island not dissimilar to the one from Lost. I was sitting outside wearing a scanty three layers and my fingers weren’t blue. Surely this is British Summertime?

We did proceed to the north coast where we were met with sleet and hail stones but maybe I expected too much for the first day.


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