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No fear of falling

There are moments in life where you catch yourself and think, ‘bloody hell, I’m really enjoying myself here’. Even as one of those odd ones who seems to enjoy almost anything given the right frame of mind and enough coffee, this comes as a frequent surprise.

And yes I know I look like a sour ass bastard a lot of the time but ‘inside I’m dancing’ that kind of thing.

n530591995_730110_4003.jpgSunday the four cars hit the road for Alton Towers. Our day’s entertainment.

We did this 2 years when we were last here. A bunch of big kids trapped as young professionals.

And I can highly recommend a cold, slightly damp sunday in march for a trip to Alton Towers. No one else comes then, so there’s no queues and less vomiting children. Our longest queue was 5 minutes. This compares raher favourably with the average 45 min wait last time we were here.

Now of course the big fancy rides were all wonderful and phil did even manage to lose a hat on one of them. But the real bant was on a wee kiddies ride called the runaway minetrain. This was your average rollercoaster for small children and had a small bar across the lap, so no major safety concerns.
We loved it, we took to singing songs (such populr hits as – ‘we’re not brazil we’re northern ireland‘, ‘away in a manger‘, ‘He’s Andy G, Andy G, Andy G‘ ,‘all you need is spud’) loudly and obnoxiously, We got to know the three ride attendants names (Marty, Joe and Craig) and provided individualised songs for each (such as ‘Knowing me, knowing Joe – ah ha’). We all thrive on irony don’t we.

Half way through the day with the banter flowing it struck me how much I was enjoying myself. Occasionally I think I forget how to do that. Joy is a moral good – how do I forget such fundamentals.

How we enjoy our food, music, drink, banter and even eachother should be our chosen specialist subject. Surely us christians should be leading the way in teachng the world how to properly enjoy the world around us (and not merely indulge and consume).


March 2008