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One Horse Town

wales08.jpgOn the road again. It has been at least 3 months. I need little road trips to make up for the lack of flying, and general lack of NZ in my life, I’m not sure it takes my mind off things. Probably makes it worse, but then why not live a little eh?…

This is a farewell trip, farewell to wales. Farewell to the valleys. Farewell to Ruabon… where I hear you ask?

Ruabon is a village just south of Wrexham, just over the border in wales. To be honest it seems pretty English, except the signs are in a funny language as well as English, which is I suppose at least like home. I’m not sure what I’d expect to find in a welsh village, but I always expected more of male voice choirs and ex-stereophonics drinking in old men’s pubs. Maybe that’s unfair.

I have two friends from home (uni mates) who work here. To be honest I forget how they ended up here in the first place but I imagine it was pretty random. We’ve made the odd trip over on previous occasions to halve average age in the pub and go to Alton Towers.

But it’s all coming to an end. Both Nicci and Skaters are coming home to jobs in the homeland. They’ve enjoyed wales but its time is done.

So 15 (yes 15 – it’s a good turn out the organising committee are most chuffed) of us by road and boat and air have made it to Ruabon to watch Ireland disintegrate in front of an equally dreadful england team and celebrate as wales play out of their skins against the Frenchies.

So now we sit, packed into the living room listening to Fred’s cheesiest iPod playlist and watching Big G put his all into singing along with total eclipse of the heart, complete with 80s power ballad moves.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times.


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