Proudest Monkey

Night shifts are quite good for snatching a wee moment, a wee moment of clarity when the whole ward’s asleep, when you’re dandering the corridors on your tod (whatever that means) and the whole world may as well be empty. Those moments when you remember something you just said or did, and you realise – “you know what – you can be a real asshole sometimes.”

Yes, this will be one of those rather self-depricating blogs.

My biggest problem with work (and I suppose with life in general) is my pride and my arrogance. A little green monster inside me that has proclaimed the greatest hot-shit medic to grace the corridor of Craigavon (or indeed Hawke’s Bay) hospital. That I can do it all, and that I know it all.

Work brings out many positive and good and healthy things in me. It also gives me almost unlimited license to indulge my own ego. The struggle is to magnify the former and flee from the latter. I’m pretty sure I am actually quite good at my job, just not as good as I think I am. I suspect no one is as good as I think I am.


2 Responses to “Proudest Monkey”

  1. 1 Skeeno February 25, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    On your Todd = On your Todd Slone = On your own

    James Forman (Tod) Sloan was born in Indiana in 1874 and overcame neglect and poverty in his early life to become a highly successful jockey. Initially rejected by his parents, his life changed when he discovered his talent as a jockey and began to win prestigious and lucrative races. His success was based on the short-stirrup style of riding, sitting high on the horse’s neck, which he developed himself – called the ‘monkey crouch'(!!!). Despite his start in life as an uneducated and malnourished street urchin, Sloan lived the American dream by becoming one of the world’s best-known sportsmen. He adopted the name Todhunter and embarked on a flamboyant lifestyle, complete with fast cars, adoring women and a personal valet. George M. Cohan’s song The Yankee Doodle Boy, from the show Little Johnny Jones, was based on Sloan’s life…

    There you are now…

  2. 2 Nelly And I February 25, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Genius Skeeno, where do u get this stuff from!

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