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All the right friends

Your friends exist in various bubbles. Your acquaintance both made and walled off by circumstance. Like little bubble diagrams, or flow charts, with you at the center. We all have friends our other friends don’t have.

Perhaps one of my larger bubbles is that accumulated during my time as a student. Brought together by time, academia, living arrangement, romantic encounters, a certain house in Donegal, and I suppose the fact that we all actually quite like each other.

At a rough count that makes 20 of us. Not bad really. That at the age of 26 I can still count 20 people who would happily share a cup or a pint of the black stuff with me. I consider myself honored to have any left at all, no matter what my friends list on Facebook may tell me.

There are of course other bubbles, some no doubt more important than others, but none of which I would wish to label as such. Admittedly some less visited and far removed.

Back when we were students we came up with an annual Christmas get together (which ran for the grand total of 2 years if memory serves me right – though you probably ran it beyond that and didn’t tell me…).

It was inventively titled Festive, Fun and Frolicks (by whom has been lost to the mysteries of time – at least I don’t know anyhow), and consisted of a dirty great feed followed by a Secret Santa, (to the tune of £5.64 each) all topped off by a kind of cabaret, with acts perfomed by each student household. This has ranged from improptu Karaoke or games to some rather avant-garde looks at the nature of ontology, spirituality and the price of cheese by the Edinburgh St. massive.




Despite the passage of time, and degrees, and jobs and marriages, the student house division still stands, and despite from rather poor offerings and the occasional no-show from some rather unsavory elements (kidding honestly…), FFF passed off to enormous critical acclaim on Friday night.

To say the bar had been raised is a understatement of the greatest magnitude.

Following is some of the media coverage of the event in its unedited form. No animals were harmed in the making of these videos.

The Edinburgh St boys giving it dixie:

And now the piece of resistant bit, the Tates boys show the world what they’re made of:



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