Everything in its right place

I find technology deeply satisfying. Disturbingly so. That these fascinating little pieces of silicon can bring such order and peace to our otherwise chaotic existence.

This is of course nonsense. Technology is more like an alcoholic – they promise you the world and live up to none of it. I don’t really blame them, they’re just computers, it’s not really fair to force moral standards upon them.

iPods and computers and phones and address books and usernames and logins promise to bring final closure and nirvana to our lives. That dashboards and time machines hold the key to life.

Like Rob’s great re-organization in Hi-Fidelity, it seems deeply comforting. That if we can only get our shit in order then somehow we’ll not have to it all reorganize again later.


I have so far spent the past 3 hours installing Apple’s new OS on my computer. Mostly very simple, and point and click and idiot-proof for muppets like me. It needs to be.

It’s telling me it has roughly 2 hours remaining in indexing the contents of my computer. It’s making a history of everything I have in this box, so if I give it one word it’ll go and retrieve and file containing or associated with that search term.

To some of us that gives a warm fuzzy glow inside.

I used to think there were more important things in life. I suppose I still now, just not right now…

It’s the type of mood that makes me want to buy an iPhone and live in a Starbucks.

Don’t worry it’ll pass.


1 Response to “Everything in its right place”

  1. 1 voxo November 17, 2007 at 1:30 am

    As Mac OS Ken podcast says “You Rock!”.

    regards from Vox

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