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Heavy metal drummer

muppet_animal.jpgI’ve been sitting with the drum kit from church sitting in my room all week. Occasionally I try to play it. On a scale of 1-5 of drumming ability I come in a tenuous 2. I know what I want to play, I can even slap out said beat most comfortably on my thighs (without spoons…), but I lack somewhat the nuance, rhythm and co-ordination to make the beat boxes sound the way they do in my head.

Mostly I sit there with my headphones on drumming along to old Radiohead tunes and making bizarre facial movements with the extent of the concentration. I used to do this playing the guitar, until I was able to play the guitar, and then that stopped. Maybe that’s how I’ll know I’ve conquered the drums, when my face looks less like I’m sucking a lemon.

I played in church on Sunday night, only the second time I’ve done so. I was nervous when it came to it. I haven’t been nervous playing music since the infamous gig in NZ. Not a pleasant experience – the nerves not the gig, though again that depends on your point of view…

The one benefit of playing drums is that at least you can’t start in the wrong key. Though switching from a 6/8 to a 4/4 mid-song is probably beyond me. I’d probably need to know the difference between the two first.


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