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Asleep in the back

Since I’ve got back I’ve been driving Dad’s Saab 9-5 estate. Beautiful car, absolute flying machine, all shiny and nice and clean. Lovely to drive but a bit nice for me, I always worried about bumping it or scratching it. Especially when i bumped it and scratched it. And that one time I parked a bit close to the wall… enough confession.


I’ve been looking for a car to live up to the RVR – my Kiwi wagon. Well it was actually a Japenese import but you know what I mean. I tended to live (quite literally) out of the car during my solo road-trips round NZ, with surf board on the roof, bike on the back, a gas stove and a lot of books. It provided a reasonably comfortable night’s sleep when you put all the seat’s back. As long as you weren’t in any rush to stand up straight come morning. See here for an example.


I like the idea of living out of my car. I liked the practicality of the RVR, liked the sheer functionality of it. I even liked the weird way it only had a back door one one side and only the driver side electric window worked. I get attached to old broken things.

So when I got home I started looking for something similar and there was really only one choice.

A volvo estate.

If you could buy wood panel station wagons in the UK I’d have one. A nice big car for the kids and the dog I don’t have.

As soon as Dad got home from hospital he set upon the Autotrader website with vigour and 3 days after discharge we were down the M1 looking at an 11 year 850 in Lisburn. Dad knows about cars. Like what makes them good and stuff. I need his approval to get a car. The guy who owned it clearly took care of it, possibly to the point of neurosis – he had receipts for oil filters he’d bought in 1997. When we asked him had the car been in any accidents he became a bit sheepish and admitted that yes, he had put a scratch in the bumper a few years ago.

So yes, I bought it. The Volvo 850 estate. The car that redefined the right angle. In all her glory.



Be sure to find Nelly asleep in a car park near you soon.


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