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Homeward bound

The ferry back to the north island is again, a spectacular experience. As cold as it is, we still brave it just to stand and marvel at Marlborough Sounds and the blueness of the water and the brightness of the sun. We attempt the old ‘arms length group photo’ for a while in the hope that someone will come and offer to take one. We’ve been at so long that it’s getting a bit silly before a kindly American lady offers to do the needful.

People are nice. Exceptionally nice. I’ve said this before, but I’ve met fewer more congenial people. Even people working in petrol stations or supermarkets (the hive of the rude and ignorant), make the effort to wish you a good day or insult your national rugby team.

I tell them that they’ve got a good country and try not to mess it up too much the way we’ve done with ours. I worry one day that they’ll take this to heart and build a big wall round it to keep everyone else out.

By the time we get to Wellington it’s raining. Good to see it’s keeping to form. And we have  a lovely (if slightly chilly and damp) afternoon in Wellington, wandering the streets in search of a café called Fidel’s and second hand bookshops. I like Wellington now. Not that I didn’t before, just that I now realise that it’s the only place with decent bookshops and a music scene.

The next day I’m back in work and time shifts up a gear or two. I’m working long days and all of a sudden the boys are gone. Despite sitting up till 2am chatting they’re still gone too soon.


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