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Up all night

NZ in winter isn’t exactly pumping. Methven at the beginning of the season is barely dribbling. Spud wonders why there’s nothing to do in the evenings. I explain the concept of Kiwi bedtime and that people who like night life live in Auckland (where it’s horrible) or Wellington (where it’s quite nice) or Christchurch (which I presume is alright) or Dunedin (which is just students).

So we spend our evenings waiting for the pool table to come free, eating pizza and watching greyhound racing and trying to guess who’ll win just by how ridiculous the name of the dog is.

There are only two places open at night. The Brown Pub – which appears to be for all the locals, and the Blue Pub – immediately across the road, for all the skiers, presumably started by the locals in the Brown Pub so they could have a bit of peace and quiet.

The cinema is only open on Friday and Saturday night, and only shows films none of us have ever heard of. The TV appears to show only greyhound racing and self-improvement programmes.

We discover the long-last art of conversation. Or rather, we get so pissed off at the fact that we can’t seem to have a conversation about our hopes and dreams or without resorting to banalities or insults that we have a barney and an epiphany and sit up till 3 am talking about the contents of the preceding sentence.

It takes a lot for me to listen (and not just waiting for my turn to speak), and maybe it takes some grey hound racing and a nudge in the right direction to get me to.



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