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The Big Trip – Day 20-21

Mostly listening to: the 500 or so songs on my phone on random
KMs: 5300. no more i tell you…
Sleeping in: my own bed
Eating: Hawke’s Bay seafood fish and chips

New things in the flat since i left:
1) the dominion post (Wellington newspaper) is now being delivered to me daily. i don’t why or if it will stop. Shan’t complain…
2) the grass (or rather bush) is growing out onto the footpath. I think I saw some wildebeest
3) a loaf of bread 3 weeks out of date winked at me.

Might keep the list thing going. I like them.

Anyhow. Past few days.

Yesterday spent in Picton in the sun walking round Marlborough sounds and chatting to Larry (a retired US botanist now living in Mexico) and Jock (not his real name, i never got it, a Scottish builder out on holiday).

On the drive up i found a really cool deserted wee beach and sat there by myself watching dolphins jump amongst the waves. Didn’t even have to go on a tour boat. Made my day.

Spent today on the ferry through Marlborough sounds in the sun, with the wind in (what there is of my) hair. Glorious stuff. The ferry across the Cook Strait is one of the top NZ experiences. Can’t say that for Larne – Stranraer…

Took me 4 hours to drive form Wellington, with a full bladder from about Masterton or so. Only took me 6 runs in and out of the car to get all the stuff moved into the flat.

first thing i did (after peeing) was open my mail – two bills, a request to relicence the car and 5 copies of the dominion post – and turn on the old Mac.

Grand total of 48 emails in my absence. Felt quite chuffed about that till i saw that I’d received a grand total of 7 personal emails and the rest were automatically generated reminders to pay the two bills in my hand and one demanding payment for all the newspapers.

So glad to see that the world survived without me. in fact, perhaps didn’t even notice my absence… you call yourselves friends…

I love making people feel guilty from far, far away. Or at least trying to.

Spent the next three hours, tidying up and cleaning and wondering where all the time went. Back to work in the morning. I’m sure they missed me… sniffle sniffle…


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