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The Big Trip – Day 19

Mostly listening to: john piper sermons
KMs: 4700 or so
Coffees: 3 and counting…

I stayed in Christchurch an extra day to see a friend I went to medical school with who’s moved out here. Hadn’t seen her in 18 months or so it was kind of cool. Spent the time catching up on what’s happened in between and where all the people we know have ended up.

Funny, how I’m much more keen to maintain relationships now than I ever was when I was at uni with these people. I’m a lazy, self-centred man when it comes to people (and pretty lazy and self-centred in general) and so I miss out on a lot of people’s lives, simply because I don’t make the effort. Takes you to come this far to realise how much you… Oh wait, sorry cliché coming there, well you know what I mean…

A careless spark in the back of the car may have started the whole evolution thing all over again it was that messy. The Morsies shape whole in the back had quickly disappeared and I was beginning to find stuff they’d left behind by mistake. The pair of Simon’s Speedos (i kid you not people!) tied onto the window in the back was the first thing to greet me.

Not wanting to repack the whole thing in the middle of Christchurch, I hit the road. When it didn’t hit back I figured it was safe to drive on and headed to Kaikoura up the coast.

The driving is one of the bits I’ve most enjoyed about the trip, it’s a comfy car with (dubious) air-con and decent speakers. Today wasn’t the greatest as it was a bit overcast and the alps were remaining stubbornly out of view – as they have done for the entirety of the trip.

Kaikoura is the place to come if you want to see whales, or dolphins or seals and even swim with them, or take them out for dinner or whatever. I’d seen seals and whales before – mostly on TV – but just cause they’re actors shouldn’t make it less authentic…

I stopped and put up the tent and took the bike out for a spin. I’ve been carrying three bikes the entire journey and they haven’t been used once so I kind of felt the need to use them just to justify the carriage.

From a bad start, the bike was even filthier, with no grease on the chain and a flat back tyre. Though this is roughly the same state the car is in, so I wasn’t to complain. I cycled from the campsite to the seal colony stopping every once in a while to reinflate the back tyre. Again similar to how we’ve got the car round the south island.

At the seal colony were legions of tourists squinting to see seals that had enough sense to be sleeping on the seaward side of the furthest out rocks. I spent my time getting my breath back after the first exercise I’ve done in a month. I think the seals had the right idea.


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