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Expected to wash

They’re still here. I turn round and expect them to have left by now. Some people don’t take the hint.

I’m currently sleeping on the floor of my own flat and tea production has gone up 900%. I’m having to use all 4 of my cups and having to wash them after each use.

I’m expected to wash regularly and wear clothes when walking about the house. It’ll all be over soon i tell myself.

Nonsense of course. It’s great to have people here. Somehow i feel the flat is justified now that it’s got people in it.

They’ve had the tour of all my favorite places and walks, all the places where i go and stare at the sea. There was a plan to do a walk out to cape kidnappers today (the southern hemisphere’s largest gannet colony if you like that kind of thing) but el nino (or global warming or the price of cheese or whatever) brought us grey clouds and a constant drizzle. Most inconvenient.

So me and simon converted this piece of misfortune into an opportunity to re live our childhoods – which is the whole point of this trip really. There’ll be fishing for crabs with mussels and a clothes peg by the end let me tell you…

We spent a lot of summers in a touring caravan. We were part of a family of travelling romany gypsys, famous for their six fingered offspring and roofing abilities… Er no…

We spent a lot of summers in a touring caravan, mostly round castlewellan and every summer to bantry bay at the south-western tip of the ‘free state’, as granny would call it. Last time it was the free state was in 1921 when the civil war ended but i knew what she meant.

Eagle point caravan site was simply wonderful. Set on a bleak miserable peninsula, mostly covered with rain clouds. But oh so glorious when the sun shined. There was a lot of crab fishing.

We spent most days trying to windsurf. Well i spent the time trying. Simon and da were actually quite good. I blame puberty, always thought that as soon as i hit puberty then i’d be able to handle the bigger sail. I’m still waiting. For puberty or windsurfing ability i’m not sure which.

So that’s what we did. With matching blue wetsuits  (out of pink again, darn it…) we rented a couple of boards and sails (not too small so as not to look a beginner and not too big so that we’d struggle). The place is called pandora’s pond, so perhaps we didn’t have high seas to worry about.

And it was great. I was 13 again, except with more chest hair – three hairs to be exact – bill, bob, and dermot. The streaming rain and gusts of wind just made it seem more like home.

After a mammoth lunch of barsnacks, and a long drive round the hills and beaches and a ‘bracing’ north coast style walk, we’re back home at the flat. Jonny cash on iTunes, simon reading the autobigraphy of jonny cash, morsies (ruth) asleep on the sofa (such sleeping!) and sue making it through her umpteenth cup of tay.

And me struggling to keep the ronnie-gene (sorry da) at bay, and trying to enjoy doing nothing. The urge is always to pester people into enjoying themselves, not accepting that maybe they really just quite enjoy what they’re at right now. And a cup of tea or two along the way.


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