Now have the internet in the flat. Which is kind of cool as it saves me going to thei internet café to use skype. Where I shout down a mic at folk back home in a harsh norn irish accent. The wee asian guy who runs the place has no idea what I’m saying anyhow so there’s no difference in that respect.

Getting it set up was interesting. I had to phone telecom lots, and they’re always busy and they’re always on hold. And in true loyal New Zealand style they played kiwi music while you’re on hold. This consisted of a three song loop (that I became intimately acquainted with) of don’t dream its over by crowded house (kiwis), followed by some lovely wee song by a guy whose name I can’t quite remember now (also a kiwi) and then weather with you by crowded house (still kiwis).

When I did get through I had the pleasure of some hyper young girl whose name I never quite caught. Over helpful. Over chatty. Between each step of the process she’d start some small talk for a while, asking me where I’m from (surprisingly by NI accent isn’t as subtle and inconspicuous as I thought) and what I do and where I work and all. She then proceeded to tell me how I was doing her dream job and how she always wanted to do medicine but never got the grades and dropped out and ended up in a call centre – or something like that, I wasn’t really listening, I was kind of scared of giving personal details to her, like my address and stuff. Intense. Thankfully got the net working and I was half-scared she was going ask me could we meet up or something (I have these paranoid delusions often) and hastened to end the call.

I can now relax (though she knows where I live!) in the comfort of my home and ignore the sunny days outside and disappear into cyberspace. Well not really.

The first thing I did, pretty much, was to go to the BBC website and turn on the radio player at radio 4 and the Today programme. It was 1830 here so that made it 0630 there. I’ve never heard the Today programme at that time before. Novel experience. Jon Humprys how I’ve missed you�


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