The Journey (Part 2)

I left you at 30 000 feet, didn’t I? Time flies (boom boom, will try not to make too may ludicrous travel puns…) when you’re having fun. And long-haul flights are fun for me.

Uneventful enough flight. Tried to serve us fish for breakfast.

Kuala lumpur (genius name) airort is one of those shiny, spanking new airports, in the shape of a starfish or badly counted cross. Lots of fun if you’re a kid or you’re not but can get away with it. I didn’t.

Had a wonderfully free wi-fi network so I could skype home to the parentals, though I think the several hundred people using it slowed it down a tad.

At this point (in malaysia) i’m tired and smelly and my phone is running low on battery and I haven’t had brekkie (flippin fish). To the redcue comes a business lounge you can buy youself into (for 12 quid) for 5 hrs with food, drinks, internet, papers and showers thrown in. I kind of took the mick with the food bit…

Shower felt so good, and then the massage… No wait there was no massage, i’m delirious now.

So next flight. I could pretend it was this crazy, unique experience full of laughs and adventure. But really it was just the same as the previous one with slightly better leg room. And they tried to offer us fish again for brekkie, what’s with these people…

And so now… I’m on a bus from Aukland to Tokoroa where I’m staying with a mate’s uncle. And this is now ‘home’. Funny when I think of that. The scary bit was arriving and realising I don’t know anybody here, that i’ve never been in this place before. I don’t know how to get things done, I don’t know how to pronounce the names.

So this’ll never be home, maybe ‘home’ but no more. But this is kind of the point. We’re all meant to be homeless, we’re all meant to be passing through. It’s ok for the world – it’s all there is for them. But for us these are just temporary dwellings.

It’s always missionary kids who show me this, with their parents in one part of the world, their siblings elsewhere, landed with unidentifiable accents. They’re all homeless or at least rootless. Like everything pros and cons, I know. But useful lesosn to keep in my head.

I left portadown at 3pm on monday. It’s now 3pm wednesday and i’m still not there yet. Yesterday was a sort of pseudo day. Travelling forward in time and going through 24 hrs but only experiencing 12. People talk of jet lag, which i’ve never understood. You spend 48 hrs living in the same pants and not cleaning your teeth (air malaysia don’t provide wee toothbrushes – most disappointed), eating processed food, sleeping in the most bizzare positions and that for only 10 mins at a time… I’m too tired for jet lag. Maybe it’s a yuppie thying…


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